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Think back for a second. Remember when your company’s website went live for the first time? If you’re old enough to have been working at the time, you’ll recall a mix of fear, excitement and relief when all that hard work finally came to fruition in the form of a fully functional website telling the world about your brand or company.

Even if you haven’t been working all that long, you’ll probably recall a similar feeling upon launching a refresh or redesign of your site. At that point, did you pat yourself on the back and step away without really looking back?

While you should be proud of the fact that your business is represented online, it’s even more important to stay up with the ever-changing technology that supports your site. So many business owners are following the ‘set it and forget it’ pattern with their website, which simply won’t support the future you’re hoping for.

Here are 3 simple ways to identify if it’s time for a new website:

Are you searchable?
Whether you know it inside and out or have support for it, you likely know the importance of SEO. Something you may not have known is how a consistently updated and properly coded website can dramatically impact your search engine rank. How often do you check up on the back end of your site?

Are you more than just a cover?
Understanding your site’s analytics is imperative. With a glance at the insider info of your website, are you able to see if people are moving past just your home page? A properly designed website will entice your visitors past the main landing page they fall on when visiting your site. Ensure all of your bases are covered and that all the information on your site is inviting and accessible.

Are you mobile?
Mobile officially overtook desktop in terms of viewership for most sites many years ago. Consumers have an endless variety of platforms on which they can now access the Internet. Does your site translate? Ensure that all the functionality of your site is available no matter if it’s being viewed on a phone, tablet, computer, television, or everywhere in between. These days, you must guarantee that your site provides each viewer with the same experience.

So, how is your site looking? Let us know in the comments.

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