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It’s the first question everyone asks — how long would it take to build a website?

Our answer will almost always be “It depends.”

There are many variables that go into the build time, and then you have to consider the upkeep.

We know that is a frustrating answer so we have put together some estimates of how long a generalized website can take.

Keep in mind these are estimates. Some are going to take longer and some are going to be shorter. One of the biggest variables is YOU, the client. If you are responsive and give quick, timely feedback and approvals, the process can be a lot quicker and smoother. However, if you have to go through multiple people to get things approved, it can take a lot longer. These are things you’ll want to think about when setting a deadline for your website.

Small 5-10 page non-responsive website

These are very small websites with very few pages of content. They don’t have very complicated features. It’s a basic website and will take 1-2 months.

Medium website with 15-20 pages of content creation

This is a step above basic and adds a content creation feature. These are websites where new content needs to be created on a regular basis. To speed this website up, try to have all the content pre-written. On average they take about 2-3 months.

Bigger website with 30+ pages and features

Since this website has more content and features, it takes longer. Some of these features would include shopping carts or event calendars. These take about 3-5 months.

Large, complex website with many features and/or hundreds of pages of content

As named, these are complicated websites and require more time to complete. Want a bunch of features like a forum, shopping cart, and lots of product pages? Then your website probably falls into this category and it will take over 6 months to complete.

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