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  • Jeremiah Stettler Chief Product Officer West

    Welcome! We have assembled a world-class team of professional writers to provide you with top-notch social media marketing. You'll find ink-on-the-fingers journalists from publications ranging from USA Today and The Washington Post, as well as seasoned marketers, social media strategist and industry experts. Our goal is to build your reputation online. Please enjoy this virtual tour of our Social5 Writing Team!

  • Jennifer Martin Director of Brand Development West

    Jennifer Martin oversees advertising, search engine optimization, analytics and special projects for Social5. She is a journalist by trade, having covered city and county government for local publications in Utah. Her work has earned awards in business and consumer reporting, as well as headline writing. Outside of government, Jennifer specializes in the IT management industry.

  • Sherry Sorensen Customer Relations Manager West

    Sherry Sorensen oversees the Customer Relations Division at Social5, working directly with customers to ensure their social marketing needs are met, and that social strategies are progressing toward a solid return on investment. Outside of customer relations, Sherry has professional writing experience as a reporter at two Utah newspapers and a bachelor's degree in mass communication.

  • Kari Perlewitz Chief Editor Southeast

    Kari Perlewitz serves as chief editor at Social5, where she oversees editor training and development across North America. She is an experienced copywriter and editor with nearly a decade of experience in online publishing and marketing. She has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. She has won numerous awards writing and editing accuracy and leadership.

  • Lesley Mitchell Senior Editor Southwest

    Lesley Mitchell joined Social5 after spending two decades as a business reporter for major metropolitan newspapers such as USA Today, The Arizona Republic and The Salt Lake Tribune. She received an MBA from Utah State University and completed post-graduate fellowships in financial planning, insurance and real estate. She now provides expert oversight of all real estate and insurance content at Social5.

  • Derek Jensen Senior Editor Midwest

    Derek Jensen is a long-time political journalist and communications strategist who continues to thirst for election season. With a prestigious career that has included media outlets such as NPR, The Salt Lake Tribune and Reuters, Derek has spent more than 15 years in the communications industry as an award-winning journalist. He now specializes in social media marketing and contesting strategies.

  • Kristen Moulton Senior Editor West

    Kristen Moulton is a 30+ year veteran of the journalism industry, having worked for daily publications and the Associated Press in Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Texas. Her reporting background has included everything from business to religion to military affairs to healthcare. She now serves as a senior editor at Social5.

  • Lauren Caggiano Senior Editor Midwest

    Lauren Caggiano serves as the social media voice for Social5's largest accounts. With a decade-long career in journalism, fundraising and social media marketing, Lauren specializes in corporate social marketing strategies that require reputation building and corporate collaboration. A 2007 graduate of the University of Dayton, Lauren now serves as a Senior Editor at Social5. Her professional work has appeared in several national publications.

  • Tina McCain Senior Editor Southeast

    Tina McCain spent 20 years teaching writing in post-secondary education. Her career has included extensive academic editing and research, which has given her a unique perspective when writing and editing for a broad range of industries. She currently serves as a Social5's writing coach and senior editor over writer development.

  • Nate Birt Editor Midwest

    Nate Birt is a veteran multimedia journalist based in central Missouri with a passion for social media and creative content delivery. With nearly a decade of professional experience as writer and editor, Nate specializes in industries ranging from general contracting to oil & gas. His background includes a master's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, as well as a high-level managing editor role at an agricultural publication in the MidWest.

  • Sue White Editor Midwest

    Sue White comes to Social5 with 33 years of journalism experience at one of Michigan's top newspapers, where her feature and entertainment work won national and regional recognition. Other pursuits include several magazine features, two PBS scripts and two books on Michigan's Flying Melzoras. Sue specializes in strategic accounts across multiple industries.

  • William Bessette Editor Pacific Northwest

    William Bessette is a social media strategist, blogger and journalist. With more than decade of professional writing experience domestically and abroad, William specializes in topics ranging from tourism to technology to general contracting. He is known for his international travel blog, Floppy Hat Adventures. Outside of social marketing, William is a search engine optimization guru. He currently works with Social5 customers to increase their visibility on major search engines and online directories.

  • Tracy Lozaw Editor Midwest

    Tracy Lozaw is a professional writer and editor, whose career has included 15 years as an educator. Those skills have served her well as a member of Social5's editing team, where she manages a team of writers. Tracy continues to write for a number of industries, including the one she has known for so many years: education. Outside of Social5, she enjoys baking sweets and making candles.

  • Matthew LaPlante Writer West

    Matthew LaPlante is a veteran storyteller with international experience covering stories from China to El Salvador for major publications. Matthew is an assistant professor of journalism at Utah State University, where he mentors the upcoming generation of traditional and digital journalists. As a former military journalists and veteran, he specializes in military-related topics and programs. However, he dabbles in some lighter industries as well.

  • Holli Weiss Writer Southeast

    Holli Weiss has overseen social media marketing campaigns for corporations domestically and internationally, leading teams of journalists to increase online visibility for major brands. She currently serves as Director of Disability Services at Arkansas Tech University and lends her expertise in marketing, education and law to Social5.

  • Katie Drake Writer West

    Katie Drake is a long-time journalist whose career has includes traditional reporting at Utah's largest newspaper, The Salt Lake Tribune, as well as digital marketing at the University of Utah. With a diversity of marketing experience ranging from email marketing to contesting, Katie now provides social marketing strategies within the healthcare industry.

  • Lauren Elkins Writer West

    Lauren Elkins is a seasoned writer with more than a decade of professional writing and administrative background in the IT industry. She has degrees in both English and technical writing, which have allowed her to transform complicated technical topics into conversational pieces for the general public. Lauren specializes in technology-related subjects and industries at Social5.

  • Rebecca Wheatley Writer West

    Rebecca Wheatley is a recent graduate of Utah State University, whose social media prowess brought her to Social5 long before graduation. She specializes in creating compelling content marketing strategies for a general assignment portfolio that includes beauty, real estate, automotive and home improvement. Rebecca also serves as Social5's resident expert on Pinterest.

  • Scott Bury Writer International

    Scott Bury is a seasoned journalist, editor and writer whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia in publications such as the Financial Post and MacWorld. As a member of Social5's Canada team, Scott specializes in content marketing that increases brand visibility with major search engines.

  • Shannon Fiedler Writer Northeast

    Shannon Fiedler is a content marketer from the Empire State, whose background includes agency-level copywriting for brands wanting to increase their online visibility. She specializes in providing high-quality content and an authentic tone in industry ranging from healthcare to food services.

  • Shelby Ruud Writer West

    Shelby Ruud is a social media specialist at Social5, specializing on content for the health and fitness industry. She is currently studying public relations and journalism at Utah State University, where she got her start in social media marketing. She frequently contributes to university publications and recently won the Sophomore Student of the Year Award.

  • Valeria Lovo Writer Northeast

    Val Lovo is a professional writer and development associate for a New York City-based non-profit that serves underprivileged youth. She received a bachelor's degree in communications from Villanova University and worked professionally building brand voice for organizations such as Susan G. Koman and The St. Regis Hotels. She currently serves on Social5's Spanish-language team and writes for a variety English-language industries.

  • Michelle Benard Writer Northeast

    Michelle Benard is a native Spanish speaker raised in Managua, Nicaragua. She currently resides in New York and serves as a member of Social5's Spanish language team. Michelle holds a law degree from Louisiana State University and has an avid interest in communications policy and the role that social media plays in shaping it.

  • Ilana Waters Writer Northeast

    Ilana Waters is a social media marketer and professional blogger. Before beginning her writing career, Ilana served as a medical social worker, which provided a unique insight into the healthcare industry. She specializes in communications about health-related topics across the age spectrum, while contributing to a broad range of other topics ranging from franchise consulting to digital marketing to recreation.

  • Madyson Hall Writer International

    Madyson Hall is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Canada. With a degree in communications, she provides social marketing for a broad number of industries including healthcare, nursing and personal marketing. She currently serves on the Canada team, where she localizes content for Social5's international portfolio. Her professional experience outside of Social5 has included advertising and corporate communications.

  • Kristen Driscoll Writer Southwest

    Kristen Driscoll is a persuasive copywriter and energetic media professional with expertise in the wellness, self development and entertainment industries. Her communication background includes sales letters and web copy, public speaking and media strategy. Kristen current serves as a member of Social5's North American writing team.

  • Ashley Horst Editor Midwest

    With a background that includes social media management for Elizabethtown College and a writing stint for Best Recipes Magazine, Ashley Horst now serves as a editor for Social5. She oversees a team of professional writers and serves on Social5's strategic brand-promotion team. Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications and an associate’s degree in digital arts.

  • Briana Wick Editor Midwest

    Briana Wick earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. She has spent 8-plus years in the writing, editing and publishing industry. She is a word connoisseur with a book nerd’s passion for reading. On an average night or weekend, you’ll find her sipping a glass of red wine curled up with a Grisham novel. Briana currently serves as a member of Social5's editing team, where she oversees a team of professional writers.

  • Casey Weiss Writer Southwest

    Casey Weiss is a long-time social marketer for Social5 with a diverse background that has has included everything from hunting to orchestral music. Outside of Social5, he serves as the web and email marketing manager for Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

  • Chad Birt Editor Southwest

    Chad Birt is 2010 Graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University. His career started in broadcasting at Univision's Phoenix affiliate, KTVW, but his passion for writing took hold, and the rest is history. Since joining Social5, Chad has written about everything from where to golf in Nevada to tips for brewing your own beer, although the majority of his clients are manufacturing- or construction-related. In addition to his writing duties, Chad is also an editor and member of Social5's Rapid Response team.

  • Jennifer Evans Writer Southwest

    Jennifer Evans is a creative and corporate copywriter and a published author. She is an adventurous world traveler, having lived in the Netherlands during her high-school years. In her spare time, Jennifer shares her love of piano, and grammar, with children. She received her B.A. in Journalism in 1992, from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.